Entry 1 – Greetings to the Sims 2 Community

Entry 1 – Greetings to the Sims 2 Community

Written: 11.3.09 at approximately 2000 hours (8:00 pm)

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I am Vocman, you may refer to me as Voc for short, and I have decided to start this journal for the sole purpose of recording the various chronicles and case files of those known as Sims.  Controlled by different, varying persons of the human race who own a simulation game, that of which is known as The Sims 2, that gives the player, or “simmer”, being a person that would read this and is part of the Sims 2 community, god-like powers to control, create, and/or influence these Sims.  As there are many diverse and unique ways these Sims can be controlled, influenced, and/or created, each simmer has his or her own universe of Sims, and so I will only record the events and experiences of the Sims of the universe that can I control, create, and/or influence.  In this universe there is some custom content, custom content being that of which a simmer has created within their universe, and uploaded to a hosting website, weather it be theirs or that of someone else, in order to share and distribute this custom content to other simmers whom would like to have this content in their individual Sim universe.  And so with that said  the  Sim Chronicles and Case files of Vocman begin.

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